An Artistic Response

In 1993, This Is Not An Invitation To Rape Me" was just an artistic response to the sexual assault of a dear friend.  With the help of Jay Chiat, Eric Mc Clellan, Julia Leach, Christie Hefner, Mark Coppos, Ellen Von Unwerth, Daniella Federicci, Moshe Brahka, Mario De Lopez, Walter Chin, Howard Schatz, Tony Ward, Julie Cerise, Karen Pfaff, Susan Sorenson, Patti Gigans and many others, what started as a guerilla sticker attack on New York City, became a multi-media message heard around the world, on behalf of all women.

"This is not an invitation to rape me" is a statement designed to attack the perception, when a woman is raped, she asked for it, deserved it or wanted it.

The campaign has been featured in Playboy, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Paper Magazine, French Photo, Der Spiegel, Elle, Vibe, George and many other publications. It has also been featured on websites like, and and numerous blogs.  The work has been used by The Los Angeles Commission On Assaults Against Women (LACAAW now Peace Over Violence), California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) and Rape Crisis Scotland.  The work has been used in Cal State Northridge's Freshman Orientation Program and exhibited at U.C.L.A's Kershkoff Hall Gallery and Kansas University.

The University of Pennsylvania exhibition represents the first time the idea is interpreted and expressed by fine artists and members of the school's student body.  My hope is for new artists to expand the applications of the concept, include the representation of the many different types of woman affected by this crime and to ignite an enlightening discussion for all who experience the show.